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Black Diamond Fire Boots | LogoBlack Diamond is a leading brand of performance protective footwear.  Our highly acclaimed fire boots are used by fire departments around the world and are developed with the finest, most durable materials and components to endure the extraordinary demands placed on firefighters.  Black Diamond is the only brand in the industry to combine the latest technologies for superior comfort and performance in harsh conditions. They are the only boots to be certified by the NFPA and receive the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval.
Fire Pro Fire Equipment - Fire Protection Boots

Rubber Fire Boots

Not all rubber boots are made the same, Black Diamond Rubber Fire Boots provide maximum protection with all-day comfort and support.  Each pair includes Ortholite® footbeds which provide unmatched comfort which are the best in the fire service.  Try a pair and feel the difference.  

Black Diamond Boots - Rubber #9451

STOCK #9451

 Black Diamond Boots - Stock #9301

STOCK #9301

 Black Diamond Boots Stock #9203

STOCK #9203

 Black Diamond Boots - Stock #9460

STOCK #9460

 Black Diamond Boots Stock #9470

STOCK #9470


Leather Fire Boots

Nothing beats a pair of Black Diamond leather fire boots. We use genuine fire-retardant leather and CROSSTECH® fabric that provides the ultimate in comfort, fit and protection.  Go ahead, try a pair and enjoy the comfort. 


Black Diamond Boots - Leather - Stock #0911

STOCK #0911

 Black Diamond Boots - Leather - Stock #0975

STOCK #0975

 Black Diamond - leather boots - Stock #0904

STOCK #0909

 Black Diamond - Leather Boots - Stock #0972

STOCK #0972

Black Diamond Boots - leather boots - Stock #0974

STOCK #0974


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