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Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System Design, Installation, Inspection, Service & Repair

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are used to provide notification to building occupants and local first responders Our systems use automatic detection or manual means of activation during an emergency. Using the most technologically advanced equipment, our technicians and project managers can design, install and service an integrated system that meets all industry, governmental and insurance company standards. Most importantly, we strive to exceed your standards as the first line of defense for your employees and property.

  • We will inspect, service, and maintain all brands of fire alarms and security systems with highly skilled, licensed, and trained technicians.
  • We will also service proprietary systems such as Simplex, Notifier, Mircom, Siemens, EST, Edwards,and GE, just to name a few.
  • We will work with your existing system or install and maintain a new one for you.
  • We will work with you to create a plan to migrate your outdated/obsolete systems to newer addressable systems.
  • Properly inspected and maintained fire alarms simply work better. Our reasonably priced inspection and service rates set us apart from our competition.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Whether it is new construction, a retrofit, or a renovation, we have the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to create and install the right system for your industry or building.

Fire Sprinklers are designed and fabricated to save lives, last the life of the building, and if properly installed, maintained, and inspected, they will do just that. A properly inspected fire sprinkler system dramatically increases its reliability. In addition to performing the required inspection and maintenance, we can extend the life of the system, improve its reliability and reduce the overall cost of maintenance. Inspection and maintenance of sprinklers are required on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, and five year basis. Types of sprinkler systems include:

Wet Pipe Systems: Wet pipe systems are the most common fire sprinkler system. A wet pipe system is one in which water is constantly maintained within the sprinkler piping. When a sprinkler activates this water is immediately discharged onto the fire.

Dry Pipe Systems: A dry pipe sprinkler system is one in which pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen, rather than water. This air holds a remote valve, known as a dry pipe valve, in a closed position. Located in a heated space, the dry-pipe valve prevents water from entering the pipe until a fire causes one or more sprinklers to operate. Once this happens, the air escapes and the dry pipe valve releases. Water then enters the pipe, flowing through open sprinklers onto the fire.

Pre-Action: Pre-action fire sprinkler systems employ the basic concept of a dry pipe system in that water is not normally contained within the pipes. The difference, however, is that water is held from piping by an electrically operated valve, known as a pre-action valve. Valve operation is controlled by independent flame, heat, or smoke detection.

Deluge Sprinkler Systems: Deluge fire sprinkler systems are generally used for high hazard industrial and commercial applications, such as power plants, chemical processing facilities, and aircraft hangars, where high volume, high velocity suppression is necessary to prevent the spread of fire to other areas of the facility. These systems are directly connected to a water supply to ensure an adequate amount of water is available and are controlled using an innovative detection system that releases water through a deluge valve to all open sprinkler heads with the detection of smoke or high heat.

Foam Systems: A foam water fire sprinkler system is a special application system, discharging a mixture of water and low expansion foam concentrate, resulting in a foam spray from the sprinkler. These systems are usually used with special hazards occupancies associated with high challenge fires, such as flammable liquids, and airport hangars. Operation is as described above, depending on the system type into which the foam is injected.
If you have a need for a new or existing fire alarm or sprinkler system, contact us today or call (256) 230-2772 to schedule a request or estimate with the professionals at Fire Pro, LLC.
We offer a full range of quality commercial, residential, and industrial fire protection services. Quality, reliability, timeliness are the reasons why our companies call on us. We pride ourselves in a strong reputation of professionalism and a wealth of experience in every aspect of the safety, security, and satisfaction that our customers demand and deserve.

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