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Extinguisher Sales & Service

Sales, Service and Inspection of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Fire Extinguishers

Fire Pro is your first choice in top-quality fire extinguisher service, testing, and inspection. We service all types and brands of portable fire extinguishers in commercial, retail, industrial, and residential locations throughout North Alabama and Middle Tennessee.

By having your fire protection equipment regularly inspected and serviced by our qualified personnel, you are assured that in the event of fire, your equipment will perform as expected. Let us handle the routine maintenance and servicing of your portable fire extinguishers, and we will take care of all the necessary state and local compliance requirements and help you keep your home or business not only compliant, but well protected in the event of an accidental fire.

Our on-site inspection checklist is comprehensive and is in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standard 10 for portable fire extinguishers. Our trained technicians perform a thorough on-site service and inspection on every component of your collection of portable fire extinguishers. Our on-site fire extinguisher service program consists of:

  • Free survey and assessment of workplace and fire suppression requirements
  • Portable fire extinguisher inspection, recharge, and installation
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Cylinder inspection for physical damage or tampering
  • Gauge check for correct cylinder pressure
  • Nozzle inspection
  • Hose and valve assembly inspection
  • Fire extinguisher training and demonstration

Recharge and Testing of Fire Extinguishers

We have a mobile fire extinguisher team that will come to your location to test your fire extinguishers. We recharge and test all types of portable fire extinguishers, including:

  • ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers
  • Class K Fire Extinguishers
  • Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire Extinguishers
  • Halitron Fire Extinguishers
  • Purple-K Fire Extinguishers
  • H2O (Water) Fire Extinguishers
  • And more

Fire Extinguisher Sales

Need a new fire extinguishers for your business? No problem. We’ll be happy to review your building and the fire hazards in it and provide you with the best fire extinguisher for your needs. Call (256) 230-2772 or contact us through our service request form for an evaluation.
We offer a full range of quality commercial, residential, and industrial fire protection services. Quality, reliability, timeliness are the reasons why our companies call on us. We pride ourselves in a strong reputation of professionalism and a wealth of experience in every aspect of the safety, security, and satisfaction that our customers demand and deserve.

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